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Find everything you need to know about schools in Victoria. There is information about each stage of your child's education, from their first day at primary school to finishing secondary school and preparing for a career.

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Subitising Cards

Train Task - Part 1

Train Task - Part 2




What is Subitising?

We often recognise the number associated with a particular pattern immediately, even before we have had time to "count" one by one. The process to immediately recognising how many items are in a small group is called subitising. By "chunking" information, subitising contributes to early forms of grouping. The process of subitising can also be used with seeing parts in the whole. Interpreting number in terms of part-whole relationships makes it possible for children to think about a number as being made up of other numbers.

Subitising Cards - here are some start and you could also make you own....

Subitising Card 1

Subitising Card 2

Subitising Card 3

Subitising Card 4

Subitising Card 5


Maths Resources Website - Website for teachers and parents.  Some areas/actvities are free and for a small cost you can become a members and access more.



English Resources Website - Website for teachers and parents.  Some areas/actvities are free and for a small cost you can become a members and access more. Provides worksheets for students to practice class concepts at home. Includes: alphabet, compound words, adjectives, adverbs, and phonics.

Reading Rockets Website - Is an website from developed in the USA it offers lots of reading strategies, lessons, and activities designed to help young children learn how to read and read better.




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Created by Cary and Michael Huang


Principal of Nossal High School - Students on EAL reporting continuum

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