2017 Musical Production

Kilberry Valley Primary School


This year, Kilberry is jetting off into outer space! Supersonic Solar System Super Stars is set in the distant future, a time where traveling to another planet is as easy as visiting the local shops. A group of kids stow away on a spaceship, traveling to different planets on a quest to stop the evil Avarus Malice and make it home in time for the solar system's biggest talent contest! Supersonic Solar System Super Stars is an off-the-wall comedy which will be a night of incredible experiences for kids, and excellent entertainment for parents!


Musical Photography

by Mike Fletcher

Here are the links to the ‘Performance' pages and to

the main ‘Killberry' page on Mike Fletcher's website.

Password is: KVPSM17


These photographs will be available online shortly after the night of the production.


This year there are two easy options for

DIGITAL IMAGES with instant download

of your image.

$12 - Small Digital Image

(suitable for prints up to 5 x 7 inch)

$18 - Large Digital Image

(suitable for prints up to 12 x 8 inch)

You may print individual and group images with no restrictions


You may share individual images via social media with

no restrictions, however restrictions on social media

for group images containing other people’s children apply.

Select your performance photos below:

18th September - Monday Evening

19th September - Tuesday Evening

20th September - Wednesday Evening

21st September - Thursday Evening


Purchasing directly online will be the only way in which you can pay for these images. 


The school will not be able to accept payment.


Our kiosk computer will be made available if

you do not have your own

Internet access.



Mike Fletcher has photographed our annual

school musical for three years now.


He truly captures the fun and enjoyment of

the night.

~About our school production~

Every child in the school is given the opportunity to perform at a real theatre at the end of Term 3. Over the four nights of the production every class performs a song, and the children learn stagecraft skills and performance techniques. A number of Year 4-6 students will also be cast as the lead roles, learning a wealth of character acting skills. Watch this space!

Term One- Audition

Here is the dialogue that students can choose from to audition with.

We have asked the students to try their best to learn the lines

so we can see their fantastic acting skills.

Click here for the 'Audition Dialogue'.