School Uniform

You can now order your school uniform online.


Our School Uniform can be purchased from Primary School Wear. 

Click Here to access the Primary School Wear Online Website.


Our uniform poilcy - Click here to view.


Please note: An updated Uniform Policy is currently being reviewed in 2015 to allow for the permitted adaptations of uniform areas since its last approval by School Council.  


* Adaptations since current Uniform Policy are:

1. Leggings of school colours only can be worn under dresses to allow for our culturally diverse school community.  

2. Fluorescent shoes and laces are permitted as long as they are part of sensible shoe choices for our school environment.

3. School colours are: navy blue, maroon, light blue and white.



The above PDFs are created in English and we recommend you cut and paste the documents text into Google Translate to view in your preferred language.


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