Digital Technologies

Digital Technologies

Students in Action

The Digital Technologies curriculum at Kilberry Valley Primary School aims to introduce, develop and extend students' visual thinking, creativity and communication skills while using computers. These skills are then integrated and applied in their classroom.


Interactive Whiteboard and Smart Boards in Classrooms



 All Level 2 classrooms are equipped with Smart-boards


This allows for large projection of a huge range of digital information and interaction with websites and educational software. Even better is the fact that the Smart-boards are at a perfect height for teacher demonstrations and the prep students to access.



All team teaching and single classrooms have access to an interactive whiteboards or large TV for use in lessons.


This allows for large projection of a huge range of digital information. 



Classroom Computers


All classrooms have a bank of multimedia computers that are linked through the school’s network to the internet. A suite of reference and productivity programs are available for all students to utilise.


Ipads are one of many technologies used at Kilberry Valley Primary School for teaching and learning purposes.  They are used to enhance a classroom program and create learning opportunities through the various 'creation apps' available on them.  Each classroom share a number of iPads with a year level, Specialists also use a bank of iPads as one of many tools in their programs.



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