TV Studio


Onsite Reporters    

Students form crews to plan episodes use video cameras, sound

equipment and plan out on a regular basis to record special events

and create information products.


 Senior students form camera crews and learn how to video and record


sound. They also learn how to edit their movies in the TV Studio.

Our Kilberry Live Program runs most weeks via our YouTube channel.


Camera Crews and Editing

 Making it Work

Students make use of raw video footage, digital still shots, scanned
images, clip-art, etc. to create a video file.  After collecting or creating
their resources, students use Final Cut software or iMovie to
edit and enhance their final product.
 Special Effects

Through the use of “Green Screen” technology, students are able to

be superimposed on any number of backgrounds. At any one time they

could appear in a far off land or in space or become part of a cartoon!

The only limit is the imagination!